BIOJUVE – Skin Biome Care

Just as the intestinal microbiome is foundational to gut health, so too is the skin’s microbiome to skin health.
BIOJUVE is the first of its kind LIVING microbe technology for skin biome care​ and is now available at Altheda Health. Our Founder and certified functional medicine practitioner, Kristen Brown, ARNP-C, is so impressed by the science behind BIOJUVE that we now offer it as an option to both patients and non-patients.  Contact us to purchase or for more information.

What is BIOJUVE?

  • BIOJUVE is a breakthrough skin science that optimizes skin health on and below the surface.
  • BIOJUVE uses living Xycrobe technoloby to enhance the microbiome for healthier, younger-looking skin.
  • BIOJUVE is clinically tested, clinically proven, and easy to use.
  • BIOJUVE is a twice-daily regimen engineered to optimize skin health.
  • BIOJUVE is clinically proven to create significant improvements in the appearance of texture, tone, pore size, fine lines, wrinkles, and photo damage.

BIOJUVE skin biome care products available at Althea Health

Side by Side view of patient after using BIOJUVE skin biome careSide by Side view of patient after using BIOJUVE skin biome care