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That’s quite the topic for a conversation starter, isn’t it? If you’ve been working on getting to the root cause of your symptoms for awhile, I’m sure these are thoughts that have crossed your mind. What’s the difference? Is my current food plan a Life Sentence? Can I “cheat” every once in awhile? By now you also know that you are using food as medicine. You are using food to help heal yourself. That’s quite a powerful position to be in. We also use food for other purposes like comfort, reward, coping, to satisfy hunger, and many more. I recently came across a great podcast about this very topic. I’ve known about Sarah Ballantyne, PhD for awhile. She’s one of the hosts of The Paleo View along with Stacy Toth. They are a wealth of information and present it in an engaging way. Even though this topic is one that…

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I made this graphic of helpful tips to keep in mind when grocery shopping. Label reading is so important. What we put in our mouths influences so much more than we even know. Fresh is best! Feel free to share.