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I made this graphic of helpful tips to keep in mind when grocery shopping. Label reading is so important. What we put in our mouths influences so much more than we even know. Fresh is best! Feel free to share.

I used to work in Hospice. I love that one of the lessons I learned from my Hospice patients was that at the end of the day/end of our lives, one of the few things that matter is our loved ones and our relationships with them. I took care of retired physicians, drug addicts, people too young to die, and those who were ready whenever their Time comes. Their end-of-life priorities were the same no matter what their “status” was. Those experiences have really helped me place my family as a top priority. Sunday is family day for us. And we work really hard to keep it that way. Speaking of family, I came across an old article about this amazing father and son. I hope you get to spend some time soon with someone you consider family.

Ok. It’s time to get real. Eating with health in mind is not cheap. It’s a great investment though. It’s important to remember that we can still eat healthy even when we are on a budget. Here are some tips (some may be harder to swallow than others). It also includes suggestions for cutting back in other areas. We need this at our house right now. It will give us time for more important things and help us live within our means. Check out this post by blogger Wellness Mama for some great tips for healthful eating and living on a bugdet. Healthful Eating on a Budget

"paddle board yoga" by moonlightsleeper (public domain, no copyright)

Stop. How’s your breathing? Did you know that you can manage your anxiety, food cravings, and stress, by controlling your breath? Check out this short 7 minute video that will teach you breathing techniques that will help you feel better in no time.