This is a busy time of year for all of us. It seems like several of my friends are needing extra help due to new babies being born, unexpected surgeries, illnesses, etc. It’s at times like these that I like to offer to bring in a meal or two. Last night I made enchiladas and Spanish rice to bring to a friend in need. While I was at it, I made the identical meal for my family. There are several meals that are freezer-friendly and can be made in bulk. They sure do come in handy when times get busy and/or rough. Here’s a link from one of my favorite cookbook authors, Angela Liddon of the Oh She Glows blog. The meals are vegan and usually gluten free (she always gives a GF option). They are most definitely delicious, even for the non-vegan. If you want to add some healthy lean…

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Kristen Brown, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Altheda Health

People often ask which medical conditions we treat at Altheda Health. Here is a list of the most common medical conditions we treat…

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Mesa Arch Sunrise by Scott Taylor

Three days in three Utah cities are reserved exclusively for new patient visits with Kristen Brown, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner and founder of Altheda Health. Kristen will also share a free wellness talk including an introduction to how Functional Medicine has helped others and how it can help you. Consult times are extremely limited. Schedule Now.

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Our team at Altheda Health is passionate about Functional Medicine and the quiet revolution it is inspiring for patients, providers, and people around the world. Since every good movement deserves a bumpersticker… here is ours! $2 / Sticker

Learn about Leaky Gut and how it affects your entire body and all of it’s systems. Join Kristen Brown, ARNP-C, for an in-depth lecture about increased intestinal permeability, also known as “leaky gut.” Learn what causes it, what you are doing that isn’t helping, and what you can do to heal your leaky gut and improve your life. Exclusive MP3 Download – $75

It’s important to eat when you are hungry and be grateful that you have food to eat. It’s also important to listen to what your body needs. I came across this recipe that immediately spoke to my current cravings. Luckily it was full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Take a look at this recipe: tropical quinoa pilaf with coconut, sweet potatoes and kale. I made it for my family later that night, hoping everyone would eat it – four and six year-olds can have over-discerning palletes. Here’s a phone pic of my home-made version minus red quinoa (because white was in the cupboard and red wasn’t) no macadamia nuts (family member with LEAP lab test sensitivity to macs), and we don’t have that amazing hand-carved wood spoon and pretty bowl and place setting. I also increased the sweet potatoes a bit because we love them. This is actually how we eat. This was actually what sounded good to…

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"As tasty as colorful" by Carlos Madrigal

Need a “reset button” for your diet? This one is courtesy of OhSheGlows. It even comes with a shopping list. “As tasty as colorful” photo by Carlos Madrigal