We serve patients in-person at our Bellevue, Washington office and via telehealth


Schedule a free chat with functional medicine expert, Kristen Brown, ARNP-C, to see if our approach is right for you. Complete the medical symptom questionnaire that will be emailed to you once your appointment is booked.


We invite all new patients to commit to 3 Month Guided Plans including 6 visits:
  • Deep Health History – gathering environmental, genetic, lifestyle, dietary and other factors that affect your wellness.
  • 1 New patient (90-min.) visit with Kristen Brown, Functional Medicine ARNP-C, to review your Deep Health History and begin crafting your personal health plan.
  • 5 follow up visits. These vital one-on-one times allow for in-depth explanation of lab results, tracking treatment progress, and tailoring your personal health plan. These visits also give you a chance to explore powerful lifestyle therapies like nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.  We “teach as we treat” so you gain personalized insight and wisdom for your health journey.

A la carte services are also available but we find that guidance in the first three months of care provides a fine-tuned health plan and a better health outcome. All new patient visits are done in person at our Washington office to establish the patient-provider relationship with Kristen Brown, ARNP-C, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner. You’ll work together to dig deep into your health history, order relevant tests, build your personal health plan, and find the root cause. After your first visit you may mix telehealth follow ups or in-person visits.
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Currently, these are done via our secure telehealth platform.  These visits are vital one-on-one times for in-depth explanation of your lab results, tracking treatment progress, and tailoring your personal health plan. These visits also give Kristen Brown, ARNP-C, the chance to share powerful lifestyle therapies like nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. We find that a step-wise approach to treatment fosters lasting success for our patients.

Our guided plan for new patients gets you started and we may recommend a follow up visit schedule based on the complexity of your case and the tests ordered (processing times for lab tests vary). This way, enough time is set aside to monitor progress, give more support as needed, and respond to your health concerns.
   (Health Insurance FAQs)


10% discount to encourage follow through on personal health plans. See options and prices by clicking the “book now” button.


Sometimes all you need is 10-15 minutes for a quick check-in with the provider. These are done by phone. Contact your provider to schedule.


Working with a skilled nutritionist is key to your success and we highly recommend it to all of our patients. We will connect you with expert Registered Dietician Nutritionists who can help you learn to use food as medicine, build a healthier life, and maintain the health you gain.

“What you put on the end of your fork is more powerful than any medicine you put in your mouth.”
– Mark Hyman

Purchase Altheda Health products through our virtual dispensary.SUPPLEMENTS

Our virtual dispensary gives you competitive prices on top quality supplements, direct shipping to home or office, and tracking tools of each prescription and dosage. Every person has unique health needs so costs vary based on the number of supplements prescribed by your provider. Most supplements are taken on a temporary basis to help you reach equilibrium and other supplements may be taken on a more permanent basis.


Each person has unique health needs so costs depend on the number of lab tests you choose.

  • Conventional Lab Testing:
    These tests are often used in Western medicine practice to measure things like cholesterol, vitamin D and thyroid function. Altheda Health goes above and beyond conventional care. We thoroughly investigate for root causes, order more detailed lab testing, and plan the time with patients to carefully interpret lab results using your unique health factors, rather than simply checking results against generic ranges of acceptability. Learn about our exclusive discounts on conventional lab tests
  • Functional Medicine Lab Testing:
    These tests (saliva tests, hair sample tests, adrenal tests, genetic tests, stool tests, etc) are not typically done by your primary care provider. We use high-quality, cutting-edge functional medicine lab tests to get the most accurate information about how your body is working and to uncover the root cause of your illness. These tests may or may not be covered by your insurance company. See our FAQs for more information.

Learn more about functional medicine test kits and the companies that perform them:
Oxford Biomedical Technologies
Genova Diagnostics
Access Medical Laboratories
Doctor’s Data Inc
Diagnostics Solutions Lab

Functional medicine is a disruptive technology that will overthrow the tyranny of the diagnosis.”
– Mark Hyman